'He was a charming, handsome, high-rolling man named Otto Katz, and based on Jonathan Miles's well-written, deeply researched book, it is possible to identify Katz as an exemplary figure of 20th century life — an individual more or less self-cast in a role that did not exist until the vast tragedies of that era began to play themselves out after the rise of Hitler and Stalin … Miles's book is unique among accounts of that world — always clear-eyed about the tyranny Katz served, yet as sympathetic as it is possible to be to a man who eventually, predictably fell in this most dubious of battles.'
Richard Schickel - Los Angeles Times 

'Here we have biography at its readable best… Jonathan Miles deserves five cloaks and five daggers for the new information he brings to light.'
The Washington Times 

'This sexually magnetic thrill addict comes to vivid life in Jonathan Miles' deftly woven biography…his portrait of Katz is masterful.'
Chicago Sun Times 

'A fascinating, true story of liars and dupes ... Katz, as this remarkable biography explains, was the quintessential showman … What a fascinating, expertly handled story this is.' 
Minneapolis Star Tribune

'an engrossing, endearingly gossipy biography … fans of thriller writer Alan Furst will relish this book'
Wall Street Journal 

'Jonathan Miles makes the Cold War’s high stakes chillingly real in his account of the career of the complex Soviet agent, Otto Katz is a heart-pounding account.' 
Cleveland Plain Dealer

'Beautifully written and above all well researched … A real triumph'
Falcata Times

'Jonathan Miles’ biography fills in the colorful details of this extraordinary agent of influence who figured prominently in the promotion of Communism in much of the Western world. In thanks, Stalin made sure Katz was rewarded with a trip to the gallows. The Nine Lives of Otto Katz is a stirring tale of dedicated service that reveals the realities of Soviet espionage.'
CIA Review - The Intelligence Officer’s Bookshelf  


vies et mort d’un espion

Editions Denoël

'Cette biographie menée comme un roman s’appuie sur un documentation exceptionelle'

'Jonathan Miles montre du savoir-faire dans l’enquȇte et de l’ardeur pour raconter ce James Bond Mitteleuropa'
Le Nouvel Observateur


is published
The Czech Republic 
 Paseka Publishers

The Nine Lives of Otto Katz  
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in Russian by
The Kariera Press

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Jonathan Miles in
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Jonathan Miles
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